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5 Reasons Why Veterans are the Best Agents

What does a Veteran do after a military career? We all have heard how hard it is to fit back into civilian life, but what career do they fit into?  It can be hard to find that same comradery, loyalty, and commitment to a greater good. 

Here at Home 1st Real Estate, we see a career as an agent a good fit for all involved. With a flexible schedule, a solid income, and a chance to make a positive difference. It is a great opportunity for military veterans to join a workforce of like-minded individuals who love to help others achieve their real estate dreams. And a great asset to clients to have such a dedicated and passionate force on their side. 

To learn why veterans should be the real estate agent you go to from the very beginning, and why as a veteran you might want to choose a real estate career, read on:

1. Being a hard worker is their superpower.

From the time they left home and said goodbye to their friends and loved ones, they have had to deal with many obstacles that can challenge their willpower and dedication.  If they can withstand hardcore training and combat, they can show you how committed they are at finishing what they started and giving the task at hand their all.

2. They are team players and leaders.

Traveling around the world, veterans interact with people of all backgrounds and lifestyles. Veterans understand how cultures function and lifestyles relate/differ from their own experiences. They can work well with diverse buyers and sellers and lead them to the end goal. 

3. They are invested in YOU.

Since they have served others during their time in the military, including people they do not even know, they carry gratitude and understanding into everything they do. This includes making sure they protect their clients’ best interest. 

4. Values are at the core of military training.

Once in training, military individuals learn that doing the right thing is expected and for a greater cause than themselves. In real estate this quality is a must. Realtors must follow strict ethical guidelines. This assures trust and confidence for the client.

5. Communication at its finest.

When working with others in teams, starting from boot camp and onward, they know that communicating well is key.  They rely on one another to stay safe and get tasks done in a timely manner.  Knowing that they have great communication skills with others shows that they, as real estate agents, can interact easily with clients, reach out to other professionals, and make sure everything is in line to make an immaculate transaction.

To see all these great qualities in a military member is one thing, but to see these qualities transition over from service to a career path, such as a real estate agent, is astounding.  If they can be dedicated to their work 24/7, invest their time into helping you get the best experience out of buying/selling, and communicate without hesitation, why go to any other agent to get the job done?  

For more information on transitioning from Veteran to Realtor, contact Home 1st Real Estate.

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