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Buying in a Sellers Market

Can you still get that dream home in a seller's market?

Everyone loves to start their search on Zillow and who hasn’t seen the ads for Realtor.com? 

In this HOT Market, you need an expert searching for you. By the time a home hits the public online search engines, buyers are already making offers represented by agents. These agents know the neighborhood, the community, and the people. It’s a strong network of professionals that are very familiar with real estate and all the pitfalls. Realtors know the laws, the lenders, and title companies. They are held to a higher standard of ethics. All to protect their client's best interest. Our clients are neighbors, coworkers, family, and friends. We take our role in helping everyone achieve their real estate goal very seriously. Do you really think an online company cares about whether the home you’re looking at is right for you? Needs repairs? Supports your lifestyle?

So you found THE home. Now what?

The long road to the closing table, a short story.

By the time an offer is made an expert real estate agent has already protected you, the buyer. Detailed negotiations have covered the price, possession date, inspections, concessions, and personal property. With a preapproval letter, your best offer is on the table. Now the real work begins. But first, a short education about not buying a boat, or making any large purchases until after the home purchase and we are all set.  

Inspections. Who? How much? Again, your real estate agent can give a list of qualified inspectors. Repairs? No problem! You the buyer might be a handyman but that foundation crack is beyond your talents. Will the seller reduce the price to compensate for the repairs? Probably not in this hot market. But your real estate agent has a win-win solution and can present it to the sellers leaving emotions behind. Look, everyone is smiling!

The big scary appraisal! Prices are rising so fast the home might not appraise. Your real estate agent made sure your offer was in line with the current market. Plus, a financing contingency for a fair market value was added in case of a low appraisal. Always protecting the client's best interest. Your realtor has shown up to meet the appraiser to let him in the house with ease and answers all his questions. Mr. Appraiser appreciates the convenience.

By now the lender and the Realtor have communicated several times about your home loan. For better or worse they start to seem like family. No worries, your lender is part of the community. She is an expert known for her integrity and timely communication. She has your back.  Finally, you hear those three words every buyer longs to hear “clear to close”.  

Now to the title company. The date is set, next Friday you close. Your realtor made sure the pre-title was started when the offer was made and now you can't believe the day is here. You’ve heard the horror stories of how it can take 30 days to get into the title company. With COVID protocol, title companies can’t do the volume of closing they used to and your realtor might have to wait in the parking lot watching from Zoom or FB. Not a problem, your real estate agent is making sure every line and the process is explained. Your agent protected and guided you with years of experience and a network of professionals.

You now have the keys to your kingdom!

We hope you enjoyed this snapshot of a story about buying a home. The process can be overwhelming; full of details that take years to learn and become an expert.  The saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” applies to real estate buying and selling. Here at Home 1st  Real Estate we have seen every twist and turn to a deal. We take this experience and protect our clients. We offer personalized solutions to achieving all real estate goals. Remember commissions are usually paid by the seller. Buyers pay nothing to be represented by an agent. 

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